Chard Hayward

International TV and Film Actor

Formerly a Welsh Opera Singer & RCA Recording Artist

A Biography

Chard Hayward is a Welshman, born and raised in Swansea, South Wales.

He has been a member of the media for more than forty-five years, working in many different areas, both in front of the cameras and behind.

He has appeared on stage and on film as an actor, entertainer and singer. (Wales is known as the Land of Song and Chard was originally trained in Opera.) 

While in Australia he joined the Army, where he became an officer while he was still nineteen. However he did not see himself as a career soldier.

After attending the National Institute of Dramatic in Sydney (NIDA), he worked in Theatre, appearing in productions from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, while at the same time directing touring companies.

As An Actor/Singer

  • He spent four years starring in ‘NUMBER 96’, the most successful program in television history and
  • Numerous other Australian productions.
  • He also hosted a live variety show, ‘CHARD’ and
  • A game show, ‘$30,000 TREASURE HUNT’ and
  • Recorded for RCA Records and
  • Performed on the National Club Circuit

Lead roles in the Australian films,


brought him to the U.S. on a promotional tour where he was offered a guest-starring role in the epic mini-series,


His television experience in the U.S. includes Guest Starring roles in such diverse productions as

  • BABYLON 5,
  • LOST and

He has also starred in films in the United States, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

As a Producer/Director & Editor

For three years he Produced and Directed major segments for the Alan Landsburg series

  • THAT’S INCREDIBLE where he also learned editing.

He then Produced, Directed and Edited a number of specials including

  • FLEX APPEAL, a best-selling women’s bodybuilding video;
  • THE WAY IT WAS, live footage from Vietnam;
  • MILL 17: A 13 part series and
  • AEGEAN SOUNDS, a variety series shot on location in Athens, Greece.

He also produced, directed, edited and starred in THE PEDESTRIAN, a production he co-wrote with the legendary Ray Bradbury.

Family Life

Chard’s first marriage was to former Miss Australia, Sarah Gray.

His second was to an extremely talented actress, Cynthia Killion. They met in The Philippines when they were working on a film.

Both marriages produced extraordinary sons. He considers himself to have been so blessed to have shared so many years with such extraordinary women and they remain great friends to this day.

When his older son Adam came to the United States to attend High School, Chard moved his family from Los Angeles to Ventura, a coastal city some 60 miles north. Adam, an outstanding athlete, excelled and received a full college scholarship. He also became an actor and subsequently starred in a feature film shot in Scotland. Adam played a young rugby player living under the shadow of his legendary father. Chard played his father so this was a particularly rewarding experience for both of them. Adam has since changed direction and is now an executive with a film post-production company.

Chard’s younger son, Sean, a supremely talented musician and composer, recently received his Doctorate from the California Institute for The Arts, otherwise known as the highly respected ‘CalArts’.

Young Dr. Hayward has just turned 28 and was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study overseas.

Chard's Recent Years

On February 24, 2014, he met Aleta Dara in a supermarket. Actually in the meat department. They swear that this is not a joke,

He heard her sing a few days later at a Scandinavian Festival. He already knew that he had finally met the love of his life. But now, he also strongly suspected that their voices would blend perfectly. He was correct. They now perform together regularly  and you can learn more about them at (You can also learn how to book them for a House Concert).